What is Your Story?

I am doing something, that I have wanted to do for a long time, but didn't know how.  I would like to invite you to join me in encouraging others to come to know their story - this very important Journey of Discipleship, which is Our Pilgrim's Course!

I want to hear your story!!   This story pattern does not just show up within my story, it's with everyone who has breath.  I am supposing, the more we share, the more others will awaken to their own stories.   If you are brave, will you share your story here?  Or even your beginning?  What is your beginning?  I know many of you have experienced one.  

I have seen my life change because I have made serious sacrifices to have beginnings.  Each time I make those sacrifices, my life transforms for the best!  
When I was 19, I was reborn!  Completely and at a surprise to me.  The joy and personal inspired direction in my life increased and brought me to the top of the mountain.  I took a turn and fell off the cliff and into a deep pit.  I continued the best I knew, but I was blind and asleep; for many years.  After looking around me and coming to a realization something was wrong, I began reaching, searching, calling out for help, digging and knocking loudly.   After seven years of climbing, I have awoken!!  I know Who I am and Why I am here!  I also found out I had fallen asleep and it was THE same PATTERN in which Israel has found herself time in and time out.  
So what is your story?  Who are You and Why are you here?
Questions to ask yourself or Writing Prompts:

  • Was there a time my life dramatically shifted for good?
  • Have I received truths after seriously searching? 
  • What does a beginning look like and what is mine?
  • Have I had a serious witness of my God-led path?
  • Have I been reborn?  What happened next?
  • Has there been a time in my life where I felt heaven's help?
  • What truths have I been discovering about my journey?  

Begin today!  If you are interested in sharing here, email me your story or beginning, and a picture of you or representing your journey!  Otherwise, I highly encourage you to begin writing your story today. 

'Till then, Carry On!

The Ways and Attitudes of Becoming

Have you found lots of patterns in the Word yet?  Would you like to see how I have found some main patterns in the Bible?   In this video, I am speaking to parents, sharing my story, as well as stories of great leaders in history and showing a major pattern that can be found in all the stories, which I discovered and named The Pilgrim's Course.  I also refer to it as Our Common Story, meaning, it is the story pattern of our lives and all who choose to engage in their God-led journey.  There are also many other words to describe this pattern because it is a true principle!

In this video, I am sharing with parents to help them see the pattern for themselves by exploring definitions and we are discussing how we can help our children through this Course.


It is on my other site HERE as well!

Discovering Principles in the Word: 1 & 8 - Wholeness & Rebirth

In these "Discovering" posts, I will be sharing insights and personal discoveries I find as I open Christ's Word with belief.   Here is one I found today: 

I was reading about the story of Enos.  His story is very profound and illustrates a model of becoming whole, transformed and reborn.  

Because of his Father, Enos had been nurtured and admonition of the Lord.  He had come to the point where he wanted to know more for himself.  He shares of the inner most wrestle he had seeking for a remission of his sins.  In his quest, he began to reflect upon his life and the Eternal Life he desired.  These reflections brought him to recognize and really get present with his own situation.  Enough so that he cried out to his God all the day long in mighty prayer and supplication for the welfare of his soul.  After a day and through the night, a voice came to him saying his sins are forgiven.  Enos knew it was true, he could feel his guilt was swept away!

After Enos experienced this, his life changed.  Almost immediately he had had the inner confirmation that his faith hath made him whole, he began to feel a desire for the welfare of his brothers and he poured out his whole soul for them.  

First, Enos reflected on his own state.  He recognized he was without God in his inner soul;  recognizing he was in great need!  

In the Sermon on the Mount,  Christ tells us: "Blessed are Poor in Spirit."  As I have done word studies on "poor," I have found to be poor means to recognize we are without Christ in us.  We are empty or in need of being cleansed.  When we come to this recognition, it gives us clarity which brings us to the next step.  Enos had a moment of true self-honesty and recognition!  It brought him pain and mournfulness enough to call out to his God, release it to Christ and open himself up to be teachable.  These steps we can call being mournful and meek.  
"And now I would that you should be humble, and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated...."
Once Enos chose these beginning steps, he was transformed, experienced rebirth and became open to receive a greater call.  He could then be taught by His God further and become an instrument in God's hands in behalf of his brethren.  

I am sure in his process of being transformed, he was also being restored to his True Self.  He was becoming whole.    

Lesson from the Principles:  To become whole (#1) we cannot be without rebirth and transformation (#8).  In the first principle of wholeness, faithfulness and truly one with God, we must experience the eighth principle of being Born of God.  

Sharing The Hebrew Way

I am so excited!  have found the way I need to share my discoveries about The Hebrew Way!  
First, Through the Principles of Creation and Facilitator Workshops with Mother's! 
Second, Through Celebrations:  Singing, Dancing, Sharing the Organic Environments & Materials with Families.  (Read my FREE article about these Environments here.)  Our next Celebration is coming up!  Come join us on Friday, September 25th from 5:30 - 9:30 for some Singing, Dinner & Dancing in the park.  
These events are all connected!  They softly create environments for those participating to take inward steps towards truly recognizing who they are!  It is in those small moments of discovering through the up-lifting Principles to our mind and hearts and the nurturing Organic Environments & Materials to our heart, body and spirit that brings us closer to love and joy; to the Creator's, Innovator's and Artist's within!

Come join us for Our next Celebration - FridaySeptember 25th from 5:30 - 9:30 for some Singing, Stories, Pot Luck & Dancing in the park.  
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It's only $80 /Mother attending the online class.  After Monday, Sept 14th, the price goes up to $99! 

What does it include? 
It comes with the Family Membership -Year 1 on House of the Book (dot) org.    It is a yearly subscription for three years, but if you don't want to join us next year, just cancel your subscription after you have enjoyed this year's 8 Principles Workshops and the many resources which can be used in your homes.      

What?  8 weeks of classes, plus all the resources in the Foundation Builder for only $80?  YES!!!

Read more about my 8 in-depth Symbolic Hebrew (Principles of Creation) class here.
Here is the place you will get all of my research.  I'm not holding back!  

The Principles of Creation 1 - 8 Workshops


Would you like to create a natural learning environment in your home for your younger children?  How about one that is Christ-centered and incorporates principles that teach positive virtues through Storytelling the original Hebraic Children's storiesProjects & PlaySinging positive affirmation songs, the Thematic Cultural Dances,  Nature,  Movement of all Creationand Language & Classic Stories? 

When I was younger, I received specific direction to study the teachings of the Ancient and Modern Prophets to prepare myself in every way to become a valiant servant in building God's Kingdom.  For a long time, I didn't know how to do that.  After a while I began diligently reading biographies, articles, speeches and anything from Modern Prophets.  As I applied this first step, I awoke one morning with a visual picture in my mind.  It said, "The Hebrew Way" and there was a triangle shape with it.  After applying that direction the best I could, about 2 years later, I awoke another morning with a visual idea of myself going "Up the Mountain" and applied it into a class where we discussed the Hebrew Principles while hiking.  This began a 4 year study and it grew a passion within me.

I found that the Hebrew Alphabet were not just letters, but symbols representing principles such as, Rebirth & Transformation, Virtue & Obedience, etc.  I also connected that they were geometric shapes - which actually went along with the Hebrew numbering system, and a few plants associated with each.  This was not in any of the books I had been studying and I learned God was teaching me something.  But the greatest passion which has come from this journey has been to tell the amazing story which attends it - The Story of Israel.

Just this week I realized, after all this, I have been coming to understand the "teachings of the Ancient Prophets." 

Because I know these truths can help others to strengthen their Foundation on Christ, I have been working for over two years to create a Mother's and children class to help families. 

Come join me in learning and discussing the Principles of Creation for the purpose of increasing your "skills of discovery" for your own learning and teaching and to incorporate them in your homes with your younger children.

If you are interested, come see more here...  Want to Register right now?  Come HERE.

The House of the Book's - Foundation Builder Guide

Have you wondered, "What is the House of the Book?"

I have discovered an answer I have been wondering about for over 7 years.  In the book, Teach the Children by Neil Flinders, a Hebrew verses Greek educational model is described.  It is clearly shown that the purpose of educating children from the Hebrew perspective, was to help children grow in faith-filled character towards the service that God would call upon them.  This model is also a servant leadership way. Beit HaSafeer or The House of the Book was the name of the first school a child attended on this Hebraic servant leadership path.   More importantly, the sole curriculum used was the Books of Moses or the Old Testament.
As I have worked to understand over these last two years, asking and writing deliberately about it, I have been taught and have come to understand what the "House of the Book" really was.  The words which came into my mind one morning were, Developing the House on Foundational Principles.  Oh how sweet and clarifying they have been to me!

Now have you heard of The House of Learning?

Another principle I have been taught over the last four years has been of the House of Learning.   I started organizing this blog with tabs and I realized each tab had a theme of different rooms in my house.  I have always called my family room, The Learning Closet and of course I have my Herbal Cabinet.  Well, a wonderful friend came into my life and started teaching me of what she saw - small houses with different elements in each house.  Her reaction when she saw my blog was interesting.   I began teaching my Symbolic Hebrew classes - Discovering God through Symbol & Story, called The Way Up The Mountain at first, and we worked together on a Healing Retreat putting her 'houses vision' in action.  Afterwards, I turned and began working on a totally new thing and a new friend inspired me to put my Hebrew classes into this Mother's and children program.  After that year I saw I was building "The House."  I understood this was significant because of a dream I had of my future girl whose name is Eliza Beit, Beit meaning The House in Hebrew.  So, I went with that name assuming it went along with the House of the Book.  About a month later I awoke with the word "of learning" in my mind.  

Oh, did that make sense because the second school a Jewish child attended was called the House of Learning.   Even though the Jewish people may have literally utilized this term in a physical school, through this God-led journey of study, mentors, simulation and field experience (see A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille), I have come to understand and know that the House of Learning is a term describing an entire organic learning process that unlocks the chambers within a persons heart and soul.  This process, if really traveled, brings forward an individuals Genius or Divine Nature which involves bringing out creativity, innovation and the Artist within.
This truth is best realized through the utilization of the Organic Environments & Materials as well as utilizing our Skills of Discovery.  (For a free PDF article on this, subscribe on this site to the RIGHT.)

The Purpose of the Foundation Builder Guide

The Foundation Builder Guide is designed with this in mind.  It teaches the mother the Principles of Creation which are a major part of our life whether we realize it or not and stems from the Symbolic Hebrew.  As I have been shown, these principles show us the "Way Up the Mountain."  For those of you whose life is already founded on Jesus Christ, these principles add more clarity and understanding to us about His Gospel.  For those who are not already connected with Him, it could help you see the importance of Him in our Universe.  Then, the Mother can apply the principles with the storytelling, singing & dancing, devotionals, discovery activities covering all subjects, simulations and other classic stories with her children.

The Foundation Builder Guide also encourages mother's to incorporate the Organic Environments & Materials which teach to all 8 of the different "multiple intelligence's."  The more parents, teachers and mentors bring these environment and materials, the more they will be helping to unlocking the Genius of their children and those they influence.

To purchase the House of the Book.org's Foundation Builder Guide, a 3 year program and resource which comes with:

  • 22 Stories 
  • 22 Songs 
  • 22 New Positive Scripts
  • 22 Simulations
  • 22 Dances
  • 22 Rhythm Activities
  • 8 Storytelling Lessons
  • Station Environments
  • 22 Journal pages
  • etc.
AND, this year's 8 Principles of Creation online classes called Principles Workshops

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Building Foundations & Unlocking Chambers the Hebrew Way,  

An Original Way, not Jewish Way

When you hear of, The Hebrew Way, have you immediately assumed I am promoting the Jewish traditions?  

Well, I'd love to break up that assumption... I'm not!

With the term Hebrew, we tend to assume it is related to the Jewish people because they speak the foreign language of Hebrew originally and today.  But, we forget that the name Hebrew came from the Father of the Jewish people whose name was Abraham when he moved to the land Hebron.  We also forget that Abraham was the Father of many tribes and people.

He is the Father of the family of Ishmael. Today, these Ishmael-ites are most likely known as the Arabs or Muslims.  Should we call them Hebrews?  Their language uses the same roots as the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet.  

Abraham is also the Father of all the House of Jacob.  Jacob, renamed as Israel, had twelve sons of which, Judah was only one, and from which came the Jews.  What came of the Dan's? The Zebulon's?  The Naphtali's? Or the Ephraim's and Manassah's?    These family members also call Abraham their Father.  Can we say they also can be called Hebrews?

After all, Abraham's Fathers were from Eden - Melchizedek, Noah, Enoch, Seth and Adam.  They passed on to Abraham the original way of living and being, connection with Divine and truth.  God, I'm sure clarified mis-information when necessary.  

This Original Way, which I have been taught as The Hebrew Way, is a beautiful natural course of living and becoming.  It is faith-filled with much color, texture, depth and material.  God is, in-fact, creating the most beautiful masterpieces and tapestries.  You!  He is the Master Artist and you are the clay in His hands.

The Universal Story

We are all on a journey.  Whether we know it or not, we are!  We can call it Our Story, The Hero's Journey or Cycle, or The Universal Story.  

After reading my Core books and many amazing biographies listed on this site, with a directed intent to find the specific answers I asked myself,  "What is the Gospel?", "Is there a beginning?", "What does that beginning look like?", I began seeing a pattern and I discovered this Universal Story pattern in the scriptures.  It was first illustrated to me as a circle and I found the name The Course fit it nicely because of the words "the course of the Lord is one eternal round."  I recognized it for what it really is:  A Universal Law.  As I identified this pattern, I began finding it everywhere, my children and I began memorizing scriptural phrases and I gathered the stories here.  Since I knew the source of this pattern, I felt it appropriate to call it The Pilgrim's Course.   It was Abraham, then Isaac and Jacob, which represented the Pilgrim and lineage leaders of God's people called to carry his ordinances, opportunities for Exaltation, forward to the world.  It is he who is known as the covenant leader.  He is the perfect representation of those Pilgrim's who knows they are not of this world and seeking for  a better. 

What I have learned about this story pattern is that it actually is The Way to Be.  This means that there really is a Course and Law which guides our way to Become like the Divine we were meant to become.  
Sure, there are many ways to describe this Universal law.  The Way, the Path, etc. One common way is called Salvation, and, yes, it is always available to each and every one of God's children.  I know this law is governed by The Creator and our Savior Jesus Christ.  He is the ultimate Lord and God of the Universe.  He, too, has many names and followers in many parts of the Earth and throughout history.

My question for you:  Where are you on your Course?  This above picture illustrates this pattern which reveals the common journey of mankind and is based on the Ancient Symbolic Hebrew.  To me it relates to The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I invite you to discover the Pilgrim's Course in your own readings of biographies, fairy tales, scripture stories and your very own story!  

I promise your search will bring you clarity of truth.

Subscribe to learn about our Foundation Builder: A Mother's Guide to Developing Education on Foundational Principles, in her home.  Coming Soon!

It's time for The Hebrew Project!

Would you like to experience Discovering Our Creator through The Language of Creation?  Or through Symbol & Story?  

As I created this completely new holistic class and as I went through putting what I saw in my mind into practice, on the mountain side or in an online classroom, I realized I was doing just that;  discovering God's amazing Creation; discovering through the symbols of a recorded ancient language and the original language of the Bible, and discovering the story which is told in the entire alphabet of this language.  It was truly a glorious personal discovery for me!  

One of the most exciting things about it all was how I identified the steps I took which lead to my discoveries.  And, it was the same steps I invited those in my class to take as well.  

Through The Hebrew Project for Mentors, you will be invited to discover the Symbolic Hebrew Language for yourself!    I will walk you through your own study and invite you to practice a simple formula; one that will help you understand how true learning occurs as well as, help this Symbolic language be internalized.  Then, after you have experienced it yourself, you will know how to share this learning with others.  
We will use the Symbolic Hebrew Alphabet and it's stories, as an outline to practice discovering symbol, shape and number in the Old and New Testaments and in other discovery exercises.  
Be prepared to be inspired and see your pattern recognition ability increase to inspire a love of seeing patterns!

We begin May 19th.

Click HERE for more details.

Put God First Today

Each day, how much time are you giving to God?  Do you focus on getting to know him daily?  Do you sacrifice things that you want for things He may want for you?
What we choose to do in our "Tent," "House," "Earthly Tabernacles" or personal lives, will determine our future destiny and happiness.  What we do this year, this month, this week, this day and this very hour, will determine the peace we enjoy soon.  Or Not.   Satisfaction comes when we take the road less traveled.  From my experience, taking a road less traveled has been for the best, so I know it truly becomes apparent that "taking the road less traveled" is for our general welfare.  It will not satisfy your specific wants at this moment, but you will see, if you consider the end goal or the longer view when you make decisions today, your satisfaction and peace will be far worth the reward of short term satisfactions.
Sometimes we may have to stop one small choice to make another.  I like to just decide what I'm doing for my God and forget about what I was doing with that time.  Many times it has been, increase my Temple attendance from monthly or bi-monthly to weekly.  Or add a few more minutes to reading or listening to His holy word. 
Just a few days ago, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew (one that believes in Jesus as the Messiah) said:
"You've got to replace something for God. 
If you're going to give time to God, that's time that you would have been doing something else. You have to sacrifice that time in front of the television. Or sacrifice that time doing that other thing so you can give it to God. Then it's worth something. You would not accept leftovers. He would not accept leftovers to build a Tent of Meeting
You know, that is, if you wonder, what if God was that way with us, if He said, 'Well, you know, I don't have time for you now"? You're ready to worship Him and we take it for granted that He's going to be there. He doesn't have to be there. But He is there. We need to put Him the same way. We expect God to meet us at His whim, and yet, with our schedule, it revolves around us. That's not how He showed up in glory."  
"One of the signs that your life is revolving around God is that you revolve your schedule around God, not the other way around. You give the best. What's a tithe -- the tithe it's not the last part, it's the first part. You give the best part of your time. The best part of your devotion. The best part of your attention. Full attention!" 
"We are so plugged in to the world, that it's hard to be plugged in to God. We have to put things aside."  
"God required the [ancient Israelites'] tabernacle to be exactly, everything in it's place. Everything! And the thing is, if you build carelessly, if the Israelites built it carelessly, God would never show up. If they made a recommendation, if they couldn't care less, so you wonder and say 'How come I don't feel the presence of God"? Well, how much are you putting into your prayer life?"

I loved how Jonathan Cahn referred to this concept as "the presence in our tent."  The "Tent" or "House" or our "Tabernacle of clay" is us and the number two principle of the Hebrew Alphabet. (If you'd like a very important interview with Jonathan Cahn about the patterns seen from the Hebrew Calendar or God's Calendar with the Earth, please email me at Katie@gatheringplaceforfamilies.org and I'll send it to you.)
This concept of putting God first in our lives is the first principle of the Hebrew Alphabet.  It is many other things too, but if we will follow this #1 thing, to Put God First, we will grow and become our True Divine Selves which we were destined to become.  This will be so satisfactory to you and will definitely be for your general welfare!  I know it and I promise!!

A Gathering Place Celebration

I had a dream a few years ago where I brought all my favorite people in the community together and we celebrated each other.  There was nourishing music and food for us as we visited and ate at beautifully set tables.  We each had displays around the room and we shared what we were creating on our own journeys.  There was such a feeling of love, connection and uniting!

Today, my friend told me The House Celebrations are like A Gathering Place for Families!  I shared with her my dream and how I considered it as I moved forward on following my call to hold them. 

Is it not interesting how when God leads us to do good and share goodness, He always helps prepare a way for us to do it!  Having that dream allowed me to think and ponder the possibilities.  I wrote it down and it remained with me.  Then, as I kept it in the open options file in my brain, I was able to add more understanding as I discovered more truth.  He knows me more than I know my own journey!  He has been waiting for me to make these connections and I love that I finally am!  If He is this way for me, then I know Our Creator will show Himself Strong for you too! 

Here is a video of me sharing what I see as A Gathering Place for Families, as well as other Great upcoming Family Gatherings!   [See http://houseofthebook.org for updated information. Our NEXT Celebration is September 23rd 2016 ] 

If you are not close to come Celebrate with us, no worries.  You can start Gathering Celebrations in your very own area sharing your stories.  Or Celebrating Our Common Story, The Universal Story or  what I call The Pilgrim's Course.  Contact me for more information.  katie@gatheringplaceforfamilies.org. 

Blessings to you!

My Story of Discovering Celebrations

I have been on a journey and I am beginning to see why...

In 2001, after 12 weeks of bed-rest and 2 months of recovering postpartum, I had a profound spiritual experience which altered my life.  I began reading, researching and learning like I have ever done before.  Plant & herbs books, storage guides, cooking books, etc. 
A sample of the books which started my natural learning. 
I began gathering whole grains, seeds and other supplies and learned to cook with them!  I made concoctions like Echinacea Glycerites & Super Tonic my Aunt Marie showed me.  My insatiable desire to learn only increased.  It grew into areas of 
nurturing, relationships, parenting, music, education, history, governments, mathematics, sciences, biographies, language, etc.
My insatiable desire to learn only increased.

By 2008, I felt more complete as I was now cooking with alternate grains to avoid our problems with wheat, gluten, g.m.o.'s and dairy.   I had even began learning how to make winter camping pants and acquired a few necessities such as water filters, hand grinders, etc.

In 2009, God started leading me down another road.  I awoke one morning with the words The Hebrew Way with a triangle.   (I am a very visionary learner.)  I held a woman's retreat, had another child, started this blog, gathered the readings here and then began classes.  (That year I also went on a Vision Walk with my friend Jodi and I saw myself inserting a key into people's hearts which symbolically has to do with what I am specifically called to do.)   I was lead to study symbolic Hebrew which has increased my ability to interpret the scriptures from a symbolic ancient perspective, as well as my vision and dreams :) And I have created a program teaching it to mothers and the husbands who want to join along. (Search here for Foundation Builder Guide or Here)
Finding The Pilgrim's Course and Symbolic learning.
One of the major connections or epiphanies I have made over these years is that all the cultures around the world, have similar patterns in their Celebrations: clothing, color, singing, dance, family events, food ~ and when they gather for their Festivals, they all share their cultural STORIES.  

One of the things I was taught by a wonderful friend Mentor on this journey, was that after Adam and Eve left the garden, they gathered each year with their families to share the Creation story.  These gatherings and teachings have been spread over all the cultures down from prophets & scriptures, and into fairy tales, myths and sagas sharing elements of these original stories and gatherings.  (Thank you Kelli for teaching me:)  This has lead me to ask myself??  What of our culture??  Where do we in America celebrate our stories??  Of course, we have scriptures and powerful teachers guiding us in our congregations.  We can see youth are celebrating Our Story during re-enactments or Temple Celebrations.  Why not whole families?  Thankfully, some of us celebrate our story of freedom during Independence day.  What are the other parts of our culture which needs celebrating?  

Well, after filing these observations, question's and wondering's in the back of my mind over the years, creating a class around the Principles of Creation and providing healing environments through the arts for women and learning from history that it is through the art’s that a culture survives -- bondage, turmoil and loss (all random things!!!), it all came together last in March 2014 into a beautiful proposition and epiphany!     Could we be entering a time as other cultures around the world experienced?  A downfall of American life as we know it?  Will we be experiencing such great need that we must cling to our healing arts and Our Story to lift and preserve us?

Regardless of if these things happen, I have decided that my journey has brought me to this today and I will proceed to fulfill this dream of my heart.
So, while we are preparing for times such as these or not, I proposed we all begin incorporating the healing environments which will keep us (our mind's,bodies, heart's and spirit's) whole, healthy and joyful in whatever future we face!  

I also propose that we who are remnants of Israel right here in America begin telling Our Common Pilgrim's Story through America's cultural dance, Storytelling, Singing, Fiddling, Healing Resources, Quilting Circles, Family Research, Materials of Creation like: Whole & Cultured foods,  Plants, Paint, Twine, Wood, Sounds, Breathe, etc. and Music & other songs reminding us of Our Story.  (For those who already are, I applaud you!)

Come JOIN many families and I in Celebrating -- Our Common Story -- on Friday September 23rd!   Theme:  Our Journey Home!

This year marks a 50th yr. Jubilee on the Jewish Calendar and we are joining in on the year of Celebration!! It is my hope to help unite, connect and strengthen the families in our neighborhood and help us begin celebrating like all the other cultures around the world who I believe are remnants of Israel with their own stories. (One day I'm excited to hear more of them.)

Early priced Family tickets are $10 through Sept. 19th!

Register HERE ! 

The Next Family Celebration & Workshop

Come join my family and I for our next Family Celebration incorporating a beautiful gathering of families, organizations and environments which nourish us!  

This is a faith-filled way to prepare for our needs of strengthening and connecting our Hearts, Spirits, Bodies and Minds for the future day!   
Come experience The Hebrew Way of Celebrating!

Sharing Our Story
Moving through Life
Singing to Lighten
Materials to Nourish
Connecting Families
Celebrating Beauty 

March 28, 2015
10:00 - 4:30 p.m.

To REGISTER & Find more details:  http://houseofthebook.org/celebrations

All who came in September loved it!    
It is a whole new experience.
Come Join Me!
I am teaming up with an Amazing Board of Woman and beginning 
A Nourishing Woman's Retreat!

Inspiring.  Creative.  Innovative.  Transformational.  Life Changing! 

Coming in May 2015
Stay tuned for more information!